Our Beginning

Advanced Sports Nutrition Company has been emerging steadily for the past decade and ever proving to be an effective partner in the field of sports nutrition.

From a small company with just 3 employees, we started out with one notion in mind; Quality and nothing but Quality.

Many predicted hurdles to our future progress would be inevitable, especially with the presence of numerous Western companies that were already been around for 3 or more decades.

The Present

It took 10 years but the outcome was unexpected by all measures of success.
Not only did we reach & exceed others, but we managed to start a new department in the company where we produce “Contract Manufacture” products for well established Western companies, under their own brand name.

Our Future

The field of nutrition is ever developing so are our products, as more people become increasingly aware of the benefits of supplements & nutrition.

We aim to serve everyone’s needs by producing products to suite their lifestyle.

For those lifelong customers, we thank you for helping us become what we are today.

For our new friends, we welcome you and look forward to serving you for a long time to come.