Quality Standards

The 2 most important aspects in food supplements are;

The quality of the ingredients used.

The manufacturing procedures that were followed to produce the final product.

At Advanced Sports Nutrition, all our products are registered at our Ministry of Health, which in turn, insures that all our products are produced according to the highest GMP known today.

For this, our products are manufactured at pharmaceutical factories and/or GMP facilities which are regulated & approved by our Ministry of Health.
Furthermore, this enables us to produce related health documents required by our international customers to meet their local authorities import regulations for food supplements.

Only the most natural ingredients are used as the basis for compounding our food supplements.

We utilize our own laboratories to give us indications, but final results come from third-party laboratories, our Ministry of Health.

Our company will only work with suppliers of raw material that are 100 per cent aboveboard and in compliance with the Ministry of Health guidelines. If they are not, we simply won’t work with them, period.”