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There is a lot of misconception on Sports Nutrition Supplements and its effect on health, especially in the Middle Eastern part of the world where Sports Nutrition Supplements are relatively a new concept.

It is a fact that sports supplements in the Middle East tend to stir a lot of questions so we will try to cover most of the facts on supplements but will be more than glad to answer your personal questions as well.


The Myth

As a general rule, most sports nutrition & bodybuilding supplements (Amino Acids, weight Gain powders, Protein powders, etc…) have labels portraying muscular bodies, sometimes with outstanding muscular details.

To some people with limited knowledge, those pictures of muscled labels tend to imply that the product itself is unnatural thus containing some sort of steroids or hormones or other chemical substances that will effect health.

Add to this, those “experts” who go around claiming that those supplements will cause sexual impotence, liver or kidney failures, heart disease ….. etc., and the list goes on.


This is a Myth and far from the truth.


ADVANCED Sports Nutrition supplements are all registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Health- Nutritional department and the ingredients used in our products are free from any Hormones, Steroids or Chemicals.



Ignorance in this field can lead to many misconceptions, denying the true health benefits of sports supplements so widely used in the West more than 70 years ago with results clearly visible in the difference between Middle Eastern athletic performances and their Western counterpart.

Nutrition is an essential element for athletic success in any activity.


So what are the True Facts behind Sports supplements?

Sports supplements are simply a high concentration of certain natural Proteins (Egg white, whey protein from cheese, casein ate from milk) or Carbohydrates (fructose from fruits or malt dextrin from corn) already used as basic ingredients in the many types of the daily food we eat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Add to it some Vitamins & Minerals, just like the vitamins you purchase at your local pharmacy …. and there you have a sports nutrition supplement.


As you can see, sports supplements have nothing to do with hormones, steroids or chemicals, otherwise they would have been classified as ” Pharmaceutical Drugs ” and could not be sold in regular supermarkets as we see in many parts of the world with stricter health regulations as in Germany or the United States.


Can Anyone take sports supplements or just Athletes?

As we mentioned before, sports supplements are natural and there is no harm what so ever in taking them to improve your health, as long as you take them in accordance to the suggestions on the labels.

If you think your diet is lacking good nutrition due to your lifestyle or just the simple fact that you feel a bit undernourished, a few good supplements will definitely come in handy.

Being in the field for over 10 years, I’ve seen mothers buy our protein powdered products ( Mass Maker & Advanced Muscle Gainer) for their young children who don’t eat well.

In other cases, we had young women who were on the verge of marriage and needed to put on some weight and were very happy with our weight gain products.

A lot cases included men, not necessarily athletes, who need to put on some weight or felt tired from the least effort.
Because protein supplements are high in protein and very low in fat, they are perfect nutrition for those who cannot eat meat or other animal proteins due to certain health problems.

In other case, some people have difficulty digesting food, here, supplements become very essential.


Is there a possibility of overloading my system (kidney, liver) if I take sports supplements?

No, when taken according to instructions on the label and based upon your needs, there is no such thing as overloading your system, but excessive use is not recommended as with any other type of regular food.
After all, too much of anything is not good for you.

  • If you drink too much milk, you’ll get an upset stomach.
  • If you use too much salt in your food, you will retain excess water in your body.
  • If you eat too much bread, you’ll increase your body’s fat level.
  • If you eat too much red meat, you’re bound to increase your blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid.
  • If you eat too much fat, your arteries will eventually clot, …. And the list goes on.
  • It is always wise to consult your physician before starting any diet or training program to achieve the maximum results if your experience is limited in this field.

You can contact Dr. Amr for private consultation on customizing Training & Nutrition programs, tailored to your needs and learn how to achieve your maximum level of fitness and improve your health.