Sports nutrition and health


An interesting dynamic is emerging around the market for sports nutrition products. Some companies see it as a stepping stone for growth while others already in the category are transitioning away from it in an effort to grow into the much larger market for products focused on health and wellness. What is forming is a blurred category featuring products geared toward performance, recovery, hydration and overall health.

The markets are merging to attract a greater number of consumers interested in health and physical activity.

The blurred focus is a product of the growing number of mainstream consumers who are trying to maintain active and healthy lifestyles, according to Fortitech, a business unit of DSM, Heerlen, The Netherlands. In its latest white paper, “Strategic nutrition for sports,” Fortitech said the greater focus on fitness and health is reflected in the number of gym memberships in the United States. There are now more than 30,000 health clubs that cater to the needs of 45 million members and create an industry with revenues approaching $19 billion.

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